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We are delighted to share Urban Harvest's local, Organic, non-GMO seeds with you!

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Organic Non-GMO Accelerate Bush Bean

These plants produce excellent 12-18cm (5"-7") dark green pods. The plants are vigorous, healthy and very productive. They produced more beans per row foot than any other we grew this season. Our first time but it won't be our last. The plants continued to produce in our very variable summer of 2021. The heat nor the cold and wet seemed to deter them. A large root system also adds good organic matter to your soil. Highly recommended. 53 days. Resistant to BBS, CBMV, root rot. 50 seeds

Organic Non-GMO Arugula Wild

Wild Arugula is a relative of the cultivated arugula but it has a slightly stronger more complex flavour and more deeply indented leaves. A spicy green used for cooking or salads. This is an absolute essential in our garden. Make pesto too by substituting ½ Arugula and ½ Parsley for basil in your traditional pesto recipe. The flowers and green seed pods are also edible. Plants are slightly shorter than regular arugula and the leaves are best picked at 5-15 cm (2”-6”). Sow seeds continuously throughout the season for constant harvest. Broadcast seeds lightly or plant 1/2 cm (1/4”) deep and after germination, thin to every 20cm (8”). 40 days. Self-seeds. Approximately 0.08g/approximately 300 seeds.

Organic non-GMO Basil, Purple Dark Opal

Deep, purple-red leaves add a great touch to the herb garden. this is the most reliable of all the purple basils we have trialed over the years. Its beauty and flavour make it a personal favourite of ours. Ornamental and a culinary treat. Full sun to part shade, Annual 0.6g/Approx. 350 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Detroit Dark Red Beet

Top bunching beet has unbeatable canning-pickling quality but great for fresh eating too. Detroit Dark Red Beets have strong flavour and intense bright crimson colour with a sweet taste. Tops make nutritious greens that are rich in vitamins A and C. 150 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Purple Sprouting Broccoli is an English heirloom with purple heads and green leaves that resemble kale. Mature leaves are as sweet as any lightly steamed kale. Floret stems erupt first as loose heads of broccoli, followed by prodigious side shoots. These are sweet, eaten raw or cooked. Plant these broccoli seeds 1 cm deep and 30-60 cm apart. Mulch to keep soil moist, especially while germinating. Lack of water will stress the plants and make them susceptible to disease. Sow directly in the fall for an early spring crop. Needs to overwinter in order to produce side shoots. Approximately 325 seeds/1g.

Organic Non-GMO Calendula Flashback Mix

Calendula officinalis. The bicolour petals with burgundy undersides are what give this lovely flower a flashy appearance. Mix of colours and long stem make it a good cut flower. 45 60 cm (18-24”) Full sun to part shade. Edible. Will keep on producing until you get a hard frost. 30-50 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Flamingo Swiss Chard

A variation on Swiss Chard featuring striking pink veins and stems. Mild flavoured, may be harvested small for use in salad mixes or grown to maturity. A colourful change to the other varieties, it is gorgeous in an Edible Ornamental Garden too. Our favourite. Very hardy. 2g/approximately 175 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Chives

Allium schoenoprasum. These common garden chives add an onion flavour to your cooking. Try separating the purple flowers and sprinkle on salads or sandwiches. Chop and freeze for winter use. Full sun to part shade. 0.4g/Approximately 300 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Collards 'Champion'

Brassica oleracea. A dark green leaf with great taste and tender texture. This variety is darker blue green, longer standing, and higher yielding than many collards. The leaves are slightly rumpled and have smooth cabbage-like margins. Use instead of nori, for sushi wraps or sandwich wraps. Substitute for cabbage in cabbage rolls. Biennial, Heirloom. 0.5g/approximately 100 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Cosmos Sensation Mix Dwarf

Daisy like flowers in shades of pink, light to dark. The flowers stand on sturdy stalks growing to 3-4 feet tall with ferny foliage. They are a long-lasting cut flower and fill any garden with a cheery, cottage garden feel. Self-seeding annual. 0.35g/Approximately 50 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Dill Bouquet

Anethum graveolens. Common culinary herb that grows to 45 to 60 cm. Very leafy. Yummy with yogurt and cucumbers. Use the flower heads for pickling. Self-seeding annual. Likes to be planted in clumps so sow several seeds in each hole. 0.28g/Approximately 200 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea purpurea. Purple Coneflower. Indigenous medicinal plant. Naturally boosts your immune system. Tolerates poor, dry soil. Full sun to partial shade. Perennial zones 3-9. Butterflies and birds love these. 0.3g/Approximately 70 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Edible Flower Mix

A beautiful mix of orange, blue and white flowers to use in salads or as garnish. Contains Calendula, Borage, Cilantro, Cornflower & Sunflower. These flowers all love to self seed ensuring a long-lived supply of cut flowers. Tolerant of cool weather. Approximately 1g of seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Red Russian Kale

Brassica napus. A hardy green with purple/green colouring and a wavy oak-type leaf. Very ornamental, tasty, tender. Mulch well for early greens in the second year. Taste improves with the first frost. Heirloom Biennial. 25 days for baby leaves, 50 days for mature leaves. 0.5g/160 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Luscious Lettuce Mix

This mix contains 10 varieties of green, red, frilly, oak leaf and speckled lettuces for the true lettuce lover. Mix with other greens or enjoy with you very best dressing. Sow seeds in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Continue to sow about every 3 weeks or harvest outer leaves when a few inches in height. Good companion to cabbage, carrots, chives, onions and beets. Great value for money. 1g, approximately 1000 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Nasturtium Trailing Mix

This is the flower we love to eat. Bright orange, red and salmon flowers are also beautiful decorations for cakes and sandwiches. The leaves too are edible and a little spicier. Trailing plants will need to be tied, if you want to train them up but like to sprawl. Hang from baskets or over a garden wall. Sow seeds 1 cm (1/2“) deep, directly in the garden in well drained soil. Don’t fertilize too much if you want lots of flowers. Loves the sun and very easy to care for. 2.5g/Approx. 21 seeds.

Organic non-GMO Parsley Moss Curled

Petroselinum crispum. Very curly parsley. Good flavour, compact habit, very dark green. Full sun to Part shade. Biennial Approximately 600 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Sugar Snap Pea

Sweet, crunchy pods and a long picking season make this snap pea a grower favourite. Pick flavourful pods when plump. Vigorous vines reach close to 2 m and need trellising. Tall 150-210 cm vine yields many sweet and crunchy pods. They grow well in our northern climate. The tender pods like to produce early, so plant in April as soon as the soil can be worked. Plant 1 cm deep and 4 cm apart. Be sure to provide a trellis or string to support the climbing vines. Harvest continually to encourage further yields. 62 days. Approximately 30 seeds.

Organic Non-GMO Zinnia County Fair

A charming blend of pink, purple, cream, coral gold and scarlet double blooms. Long lasting cut flower. Flowers are 3” in diameter and 3’ high. Sow seed in a light well-drained soil 1 /4” deep. Ensure that soil is warm. Can be started indoors 6 weeks before the last frost date. 0.6g/Approx. 70 seeds.