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Sustainable choices can have a big impact on the planet.

The Green Jar is here to help you embrace eco-friendly living, one small step at a time—whether it’s switching to a stainless steel straw or embracing the #wastefree life with refillery products.

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  • Rusty M.
    It's so awesome that The Green Jar opened in my neighborhood! I love that all I have to do is show up with an empty container and fill up with anything I need. The deodorant they sell in bulk is amazingly effective. They sell shampoo, conditioner, lotion, laundry and dish soap, degreaser, 12% vinegar.....i havent tried everything yet. So cool!
    Rusty M.
  • Eleanor J.
    Beautifully curated selection, a very kind and helpful proprietor. If you're even vaguely considering going plastic free, this is the place for you!
    Eleanor J.
  • C. Lakhan
    Amazing shop! Very kind and informative staff. I learned a lot and definitely want to return. They also have a fantastic water system and offer reverse osmosis purified water.
    C. Lakhan
  • Diana C.
    I am so glad there is a store like this in the area. I got the Nelson Naturals toothpaste that you dip out of a glass jar. I also got to refill my large spray bottle with vinegar. Can't wait to go back to get more refills^^
    Diana C.
  • Mary S.
    I love this amazing store and their beautiful organic products! I purchased their shower gel and body lotion and my skin feels amazing!
    Mary S.
  • Jane D.
    Fantastic service and products! Please support this black-owned business; what a gem.
    Jane D.
  • Avery F.
    I love this store & its owners. QUALITY products, fair prices, and the owners are so patient & have a solution for everything. Go here before you buy anything ! They had solutions for me from hair product, to cleaning supplies, bleach, toilet scrubber etc. My hair & toilet have never looked better haha. Recommend for everyone.
    Avery F.
  • Melissa M.
    Minimalist family-owned bulk supply and zero-waste store. Best service, great prices, and very clean. Highly recommended!
    Melissa M.
  • Linor G
    This place is fantastic. The owners are so helpful and not pushy at all. It's a great place to begin your journey of becoming more eco-friendly, and also great for people far along an eco-conscious low-waste lifestyle. There are a wide range of products, and also a refill station and a box for dropping off black plastic takeout containers to be reused. And much more!
    Linor G

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    The Green Jar makes it easier than ever to green your routine with our Ready To Go Kits. Pick up a Starter Kit, packed with eco-living essentials, or grab one of our specialty kits for home, travel, body, school or baby.